I've worked with a US-based advertisement company that expanded my experience in video editing. 

Affordable Bankruptcy Assistance

YouFile BK

If you're still experiencing financial distress after trying everything to manage your debt, bankruptcy can help you wipe the slate clean and start over. In this journey, you are not alone because bankruptcy helps nearly one million people each year. Like you, most of them file for reasons beyond their control, such as large, unexpected medical bills or in the aftermath of divorce

Thriving Together

Wellstar Health System

Wellstar Health System, the largest health system in Georgia, is known nationally for its innovative care models, focused on improving quality and access to healthcare. ... As a not-for-profit, Wellstar continues to reinvest in the health of the communities it serves with new technologies and treatments.

Better Banking, Better Benefits, Better Believe It

Credit Union of Georgia

Credit Union of Georgia is a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative where members have a direct impact on how the Credit Union operates. Any profit the credit union earns is returned to our members in the form of lower loan rates and higher savings rates. Every member has an equal voice in the Credit Union.