Pivotal Conversations Podcast

Elite Vitality understands the power of taking action firsthand. Based in Australia, they have seen key executives and their teams make profound breakthroughs that have been immensely impactful on their organizations. Putting everything they have into every project, they don’t rest until their client’s expectations are exceeded..

Pivotal Conversations EP 40:

The Ultimate Pivot & Preparing Your Business For The Future

Industry Insights This episode is about adapting to the world post-pandemic and finding balance between staying on brand and remaining sensitive to the market. Get tips from Melbourne gyms on how to bounce back to the rhythm. Spotlight: Charley Valher

Pivotal Conversations EP 41

Keys To Scale & The Great Accelerant

Industry Insights: This week we talk about the great accelerator that is Covid 19. Kyle deep dives into what the current environment means for business owners moving forward.

Pivotal Conversations EP 42:

Subscription Services & The Changing Landscape Of Coaching Ft Luke Tulloch

This week on the podcast Kyle deep dives on the boom that is subscription as a service model in business. With some of the big dogs in business entering the market such as Apple, what does this mean for you and how can you make use of SAS models in your own business.

Pivotal Conversations EP 43

Business Growth Without The Burn Out

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Pivotal Conversations EP 44

Becoming A Great Coach FT Jordan Shallow

Kyle unpacks the his views on the state of business education in the fitness industry & how it causes many business owners to remain stuck on the hamster wheel for the remainder of their careers.